UNICO Group rolls out specialty short-term program for commercial truck buyers

UNICO Group has launched a new offering that expedites the process of insuring newly-purchased over-the-road (OTR) Class 7 and Class 8 trucks.

The product, called Short-Term Drive Home Coverage, is available to dealerships of both trucks and trailers. Dealerships can access the coverage for their clients via the Sandhills Cloud – a web-based suite of hosted business solutions.

An OTR truck driver typically has to obtain short-term insurance when purchasing a heavy-duty truck from a dealership before they can even drive the vehicle off the lot. Traditionally, it takes 10 days to acquire the insurance – this can result in downtime and lost revenue for both the truck buyer and seller.

Dealerships signed on to UNICO’s new solution can help truck drivers secure the required insurance much faster – in minutes, even.

“With UNICO’s new Drive Home Coverage, they can purchase that insurance on the spot, directly at the dealership,” said Sandhills Global corporate sales executive Darren Weber.

The Sandhills Cloud can help buyers complete and submit an insurance form, then receive an instant price quote for short-term insurance. In addition, the solution can process credit card purchases for buyers’ convenience.

Once the coverage is paid, an insurance certificate is emailed to both the dealer and the buyer.

“The certificate can be printed right at the dealership and leave with the truck,” Weber added.

UNICO Group is a partner of Sandhills Global which primarily offers insurance solutions for the trucking, construction, and agriculture industries.